Family Owned and Operated

channel fish

For over 74 years, the Zaffiro family has provided the highest quality North Atlantic seafood. Channel Fish has grown and developed from a local Boston fish processor of Cod and Haddock, to a nationwide seafood distributor, providing a wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood products.

We are a family-owned business made up of not only one, but many local families. From management to our highly experienced and skilled fish cutters, the family aspect of our business has transcended far beyond the Zaffiro family name.

Fish Processing


Channel Fish promises to provide our customers nationwide with the highest quality seafood products while welcoming them as an extension of our New England family.

Due to booming industry consolidation, it is increasingly difficult to find a private family-owned seafood processing company that can deliver exemplary products while providing superior customer service. Many businesses feel the need to partner themselves with industry giants, losing their local identity. At Channel Fish, we strive to continue our family-first values, passing that respect and courtesy onto our customers.

At Channel Fish, we’re not just managers and employees — we are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, brothers, sisters, and cousins. Embracing our deep-rooted family history within the seafood industry has allowed us to produce exceptional products and kind-hearted service through meaningful relationships and old-school determination.