Many parents struggle to get their children to eat healthy foods, and children are unfortunately bombarded with unhealthy options daily. Think of the number of commercials, advertisements, and videos that have not-so-great food choices that appeal to the tastebuds of the youngest members of your family. The artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives can be astounding. Making good choices then becomes very difficult.


Fish, on the other hand, is both an excellent healthy and tasty choice for children! One method that many nutritionists suggest in order to help children make better food choices is to offer foods that appeal to children in the form that they enjoy. Here are a few examples of how fish can be a healthy alternative, yet still extremely appealing to the pickiest of kids.


  • Fish Sticks – Who doesn’t love to eat finger foods and dip them in a favorite sauce? Create a dipping station of ketchup, ranch, or tartar sauce to really kick it up a notch. Kids love the crunch and mom and dad love the nutritional value in every bite.


  • Make it a Sandwich – Children love bite-sized sandwiches, so buy fillets that can be cut into sliders and watch them gobble up fish sandwiches.


  • Put It on a Stick – Fish kabobs are fun to eat and the kids will love eating with their hands. Add their favorite veggies to the skewer to make it even healthier. Have your child help you prepare the meal so they have a stake in a tasty finished product.


  • Choose the Right Fish – Try out different types of fish and glazes that may appeal to your child. Some families have a smorgasbord night during which they have a taste of many different fish dishes to see what is their favorite!  Make it even more fun by having the kids rate the fish on taste, look, and glaze!


Come visit us again for more ideas on how to make fish a part of your healthy diet.