According to Forbes, the 2024 food trends have started to take off, and there’s a trendy new way to serve seafood: seacuterie boards. A nautical take on the classic charcuterie board, it’s a great way to serve an assortment of bite-sized seafood delights. 

What to Put on a Seacuterie Board

A seacuterie board is a fantastic option for restaurants and resort bars to put on their menus. They’re a delectable appetizer sure to entice seafood lovers. The board should have a variety of flavors and textures that pair well with fish, like fresh or marinated vegetables, olives, various dips and sauces, bread or crackers, and capers.

Many seacuterie boards use tinned fish. However, we propose pushing the trend further with fresh or frozen fish prepared to perfection.


Fresh scallops are delightful little morsels that are a favorite among seafood lovers. Sweet and juicy, they can be prepared in numerous ways including pan-seared, baked, and fried. They can be served on small, decorative skewers or on their own shells for an added touch of elegance. Be sure to include some lemon wedges for diners to squeeze over them and to add a splash of color and brightness to the plate and palate.

Smoked Salmon & Lox

Smoked salmon is a perfect addition to any seacuterie board. Cold-smoked salmon is especially delectable, producing rich and silky morsels of slightly sweetened fish that will stand out vividly on the board. You can use our whole fresh salmon and cure it in salt and brown sugar before smoking it.

Lox is smoked salmon but without the smoker. Instead, it’s salmon cured in brine or salt with liquid smoke drizzled on it to give the smoky flavor. It’s a great alternative to actual smoked salmon if your facilities don’t have a smoker. You can take frozen salmon portions, thaw them, then begin the curing process. This will leave you with a cured salmon that you can thinly slice and roll up on the seacuterie board.

Both smoked salmon and lox go great with pieces of toasted bread, crackers, and bagels. They are also delicious served cold, making them a perfect choice for seacuterie boards. What’s important is that you use high-quality salmon and begin preparing the fish a day or two before, as curing and smoking take time. 

Fish Nuggets & Fish Sticks

Want a fun and fancy option for the kid’s menu? Make a seacuterie board with batter dipped fish nuggets or coated fish sticks! You can add fresh vegetables as well as different dips like tartar sauce and ketchup to turn it into a healthy meal. It’s a playful take on the trendy seacuterie board for kids that might start turning them into real sea-foodies.

Seacuterie boards bring people together. They are a great way for friends to enjoy an appetizer while catching up over wine, a cozy dish for dates to share, or a way to give a fish connoisseur a new experience.  By using high-quality, sustainably sourced fish from Channel Fish, you’ll rise above the competition and become the true trendsetters of 2024.