Every year on April 22 the United States recognizes Earth Day. It’s an annual celebration that raises awareness of our impact on the planet and the need to protect Earth’s natural resources. One of those natural resources is fish. As we celebrate Earth Day, consider these ways your business can contribute to protecting our planet.

Buy Sustainably-Sourced Seafood Products

Seafood is the largest traded food commodity in the world, with it being a staple in the diets of more than 3 billion people worldwide. This is why it’s vital to keep sustainability in mind when purchasing seafood. An easy way to know you’re buying sustainably-sourced seafood is to look for products approved by the Marine Stewardship Council. Only products that are deemed “certified sustainable” are permitted to display the MSC blue fish label. We’re proud to say that Channel Fish’s products have earned that right through our sustainable sourcing practices.

This Earth Day, and every day afterwards, let your values guide your shopping cart. Choosing products with the MSC blue fish label allows you to enjoy eating seafood with the knowledge you have made a positive choice to support well-managed, sustainable fisheries. These fisheries are pioneering new ways to conserve the marine environment. 

Whether you run a school cafeteria or a Michelin star restaurant, choose blue for a healthier planet.

Certified Sustainable Seafood MSC

Support Sustainability-Minded Companies 

Caring about our planet shouldn’t be limited to just Earth Day. In addition to our partnership with MSC, Channel Fish Processing is taking large and small steps to make sustainable choices throughout our entire process. This is because sustainability can be part of more than just the fishing process.

We make earth-friendly production practices part of every shift. For example, each day before we conduct a thorough sanitation of the plant and equipment, we do a dry cleaning step without water to remove crumbs. This has reduced our water usage and offers a more efficient way to clean our production plant. 

Food waste is also a sustainability issue, especially for an important resource like seafood. As a company, we’re committed to ensuring every bit of the fish we process is utilized. By-products created as a result of processing, like fish skin and fish “dust” created from cutting fish are used by partner organizations for animal feed or repurposed as ingredients for skin care products.

Earth Day is the time to recognize how you, your business, and the fishing industry as a whole can take steps to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable. However, it’s every day after that we must actually take these steps to ensure we have a green planet and blue ocean to leave future generations.