Channel Fish FAQ

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood is sourced using practices that respect habitats and do not inflict long-term damage, allowing for health longevity and stability of the species.

Is fresh fish higher quality than frozen fish?

Contrary to popular belief, frozen fish is actually just as nutritious as fresh fish and has a better taste, preserved from peak freshness. Fresh or frozen, we offer the highest quality fish on the market.

Where can I find recipes for preparing my favorite seafood?

Check out our blog posts to learn some of our favorite fish recipes using channel fish products and other seafood favorites.

What Facilities Do You Service?

We service restaurants, co-packing facilities, educational institutions (K-12), healthcare facilities, higher education and industry institutions, retail, and correctional facilities.

Do your products come fresh or frozen?

We offer both fresh and frozen fish products.

How long has Channel Fish been in operation?

We are a family-owned business made up of not only one, but many local families. For over 74 years, the Zaffiro family has provided the highest quality North Atlantic seafood.