Seafood for Schools (K-12)

Sourced Sustainably for Students

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the schools we serve. We firmly believe that by supporting and protecting fisheries today, we can ensure their sustainability for future generations. By working closely with the Marine Stewardship Council and being MSC certified, we strive to provide quality sustainable seafood products. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in every meal we serve in schools, supporting not just the health of students, but also the long-term health of our oceans and fisheries. Our goal as a family-owned business is to secure our children’s future, which includes providing them with sustainable and healthy food options in their school cafeterias.

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Understanding Diet Restrictions and Allergies

At Channel Fish Processing, we are always learning about the common food restrictions and allergies related to seafood. We keep the schools we serve informed about the ingredients and cooking procedures we use before our food makes its way to the cafeteria. We take extra care to prevent our food from coming into contact with any allergens, using diligent handling practices and potentially separate cooking tools and areas.

Our commitment to catering to all students extends to providing food options that accommodate their dietary needs. This includes offerings like gluten-free fish preparations and vegetarian choices.

Helping to Keep America Healthy is a Priority at Channel Fish.

Using all-natural whole grain breading and sustainable seafood processing practices, Channel Fish creates products that provide all of the incredible health benefits of nutritious fish and whole-grain diet. Best of all, our products have all the enticing flavor and the appealing crunch that all kids love!

Channel Fish Processing is a proud member of the following organizations:

Delivering easy to make yet delicious and nutrient-dense seafood, Channel Fish products are perfect for corporate and higher education dining halls.