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We are a family-owned, seafood processing and distribution company that conducts business globally. Channel Fish Processing provides a wide variety of fresh and frozen products to our consumers. In New England, there are a many seafood processing and distributing companies to choose to work with. But have you learned about why people are constantly choosing Channel Fish? If you haven’t learned about why we’re so unique, we made this blog for you. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Our Mission
Our mission statement is backed by our love for what we do, and how long we’ve been in the industry. We’ve harnessed over 65 years of experience processing in the seafood industry to be able to provide a consistent service. This means we’re always striving to do a good job, every time. We want to be a partner you can depend on. Our team does this by combining our beautiful, ECO-friendly, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technology with our industry knowledge and over 100 years of combined experience.

What Makes Us Unique?
Channel Fish provides a superior level of customer service that only a family operated business can truly provide. If you take a look at the timeline of our history, you can see that Nicolo Rosario Zaffiro begin working as a fish buyer on the Boston fish pier as early as 1903. Generations later his grandson Roy Zaffiro, and sons Tom and Roy now take pride in carrying on the family tradition.

-Safe and Sustainable
We’re also unique because our expertise allows us to use our strategic global seafood supply chain to obtain resources, and provide our customers with safe and sustainable products that are of the highest quality.

-Personalized Service
Working with us means you receive a unique, personalized service that is flexible. We have over 100 years of combined experience with fresh,  frozen and value-added seafood. Let our R & D specialist create items just for you!

-Our Channel and North Atlantic Brands
At Channel Fish, we offer Channel Brand and North Atlantic Brand products. All Channel Brand products are COOL Compliant and processed in HACCP approved facilities. Our MSC and BRC certified processing plant is under the strictest specifications, which include independent third-party food safety audits. This is important to our consumers, as they can trust that they’re receiving only the highest and freshest quality.

-Local & Global
Today, we are proud to have opened our new plant in Braintree, Massachusetts. Our supplies range from local “fresh off the boat fresh seafood” purchased daily from northeast fishing ports and Alaskan factory vessels, to a plethora of global seafood supplies. These global supply sources come from Canada, Norway, Iceland, China, and many more countries.

historic photo of channel fish employers

historic photo of channel fish workers inspecting fish

Channel Fish Processing is committed to providing the freshest products to wholesalers everywhere. This promise and commitment rings true, and is seen through our satisfied partners and years of success. Want to learn more about us and our service areas? Do you have questions for us here at CFP? Reach out to us today at our Boston Corporate Headquarters: 617-464-3366. We can’t wait to hear from you.