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Your Trusted Wholesale Fish Supplier

Utilizing sustainable resources, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and the grit that’s kept our family-owned business thriving, we’ve become a trusted bulk and wholesale seafood provider. We are the trusted suppliers of delicious, sustainably-sourced seafood to restaurants, retailers, healthcare facilities, schools, and more.

Our Fresh & Frozen Seafood Brands

Foodservice Distributors and Institutions have trusted our Channel Brands since the 1930’s. Channel Brand and North Atlantic Brand products can be found at many significant national foodservice distributors, as well as major restaurant chains, as brands that carry trust and special meaning behind their names.

North Atlantic Brand logo
North Atlantic Brand was created in the coastal fishing community of Gloucester, MA in 1932. Today, this brand is still made by many hard-working Gloucester men and women, and this brand’s top-notch quality is a representation of their hard work and dedication to the fishing industry.
Channel Brand logo
Channel Brand was created in Boston, MA located at the historic fish pier on the Boston Harbor by the Zaffiro Family in 1946. The Channel Codfish, caught in the channels of Cape Cod, MA, is known to be one of the highest quality Cods caught in the world. This brands logo are the geocoordinates of where that fish is caught. 41° N, 70° W to be exact.

Private Labeling Bulk Seafood Products

Through hard work and sustainable fishing practices, Channel Fish has created a private label for seafood products that surpass even the brand names. Our clients receive high quality, environmentally-friendly, and delicious wholesale seafood in bulk when they choose our private label.

Bulk Fresh & Frozen Seafood Straight to Your Facility

Just because your company, facility, or school requires bulk seafood products, doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice taste and food quality. Channel Fish seafood and fish products contain all the nutrients, ingredients, and flavors of your favorite gourmet and fried seafood dishes! Our products are easy to cook in bulk, bringing ready-to-eat fresh & frozen seafood straight to your dining hall, cafeteria, restaurant, or retail store. We serve various industries such as correctional facilities, K-12 schools, retail stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities as the go-to seafood distributor in Massachusetts and across the country.