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By harnessing and combining over 74 years of expertise with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, Channel Fish strives to provide excellent customer service and use our strategic global seafood supply chain to obtain and utilize superior resources. We have created a seafood processing company in Braintree, MA that is dedicated solely to providing customers with the highest quality seafood products available.

Private Label

Private Labeling is our specialty and focus. We produce for the most reputable retailers and seafood distributors both locally and nationally, consistently delivering the highest quality products to our loyal customer base.

Joining the Channel family ensures that you grow your brand alongside supporting American businesses.

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At Channel Fish Processing we believe sustainability is essential for the seafood processing industry to continue to thrive. It is our responsibility to provide customers with sustainable seafood products from reputable sources around the globe.

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Family Owned

Dating back to 1903, Channel Fish is deeply rooted in the Boston seafood processing history. Now, with 4 generations of expertise, Channel Fish remains 100% family-owned to this day. The fish business is ingrained in our DNA.

For over 74 years, the Zaffiro family of Channel Fish Processing has provided the highest quality North Atlantic seafood to our customers. Channel has grown and developed from a local New England Cod and Haddock processor, to a nationwide seafood distributor.

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Our Products


Channel Fish offers a daily selection of premier New England ground fish species.

We buy directly from New England fishing boats from Maine down through Rhode Island. Our employees attend the important auctions, inspecting all fish first-hand, before purchase.

The high-quality species cut and produced within our AA Rated BRC Approved Braintree seafood processing facility include: Haddock, Cod, Salmon, Atlantic Pollock, and Ocean Perch.

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Glazed Atlantic Pollock over a bed of mashed sweet potatoes

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