As a Fish Processing company with experience in the business of over 70 years, we’ve learned a lot about our regions fresh supply of seafood and all that goes into harnessing this. We see different species of fish coming from the day boats at the auction, and we’re always delighted with whatever they bring, knowing it’s always going to meet our standards.


Because of our long-standing and trusted relationships with commercial fisherman, we know they won’t ever bring in anything but high-quality fish. We need this assurance, as we’re a seafood distributor, selling and shipping our products worldwide. Our friends at the auctions know that CFP doesn’t settle for anything less than fresh.


Breaded Fish Products on white plate


We take our fish from the auctions and bring it back to our state-of-the-art facility. When we cut and process our fish, we’re able to provide our clients with safe and legal seafood products from the New England region. Our strategic, global supply chain allows us to deliver the natural seafood of the North Atlantic to anyone who orders from us. Restaurants, healthcare, and educational facilities, take-out, and table service establishments love that they can order CFP products from anywhere in the world, and receive the same quality with every order.


Channel Fish has formed relationships with our clients, and now they depend on our judgment, timeliness, and punctuality so they can provide their customers with the healthiest and freshest seafood possible. Most of the industries we cater to are beyond pleased with our value-added products that are reliable, healthy choices. Fish sticks, fish nuggets, fish sandwiches, oven ready fillets, and our fresh and frozen seafood is constantly in favor.


Cuts of Fresh White Fish over Ice


Delivering healthy options to our clients is important to us. We have grown from a developer of Cod and Haddock to a nationwide distributor. The CFP team of dedicated, passionate, and hardworking employees makes it possible for us to be your number one seafood source. Our goal is to provide healthy seafood to everyone, fresh, frozen, and value-added, all under one roof. If you haven’t tried our products yet, consider offering healthy seafood on your menu. We have perfect sandwich cuts, appetizers, and entree options that you can dress and make your own. Put your personal spin on the Channel Advantage, and start getting your seafood from the number one seafood source of the North Atlantic.


Channel Fish Processing is a seafood processing and distributing company in Braintree, MA. Every customer large or small will receive the personalized service, flexibility, and commitment expected from a family-managed business when working with CFP. All Channel Brand products are COOL Compliant and processed in HACCP approved facilities under the strictest specifications which include independent third-party food safety audits. Reach out to us today at (617) 464-3366 for more information about our products.