Seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier these days. Eating healthier means better overall health and, in turn a longer, happier life for our children. They are watching very carefully what we eat and that impacts their future diets for years to come.  We all know that we should eat more fish each week, In fact, experts recommend 2-3 serves of fish or seafood a week. This a lot of fish especially if you have a child who is a picky eater. Having a super healthy eater doesn’t mean that the food has to be boring or unsatisfying. Fish, especially can be served in tasty and fun ways.  Here are a few tips to encourage your kids to love what they eat and enjoy it too!


  • Make it Kid Friendly – Children love finger foods. So incorporate fish into fun finger food meals. For example, fish tacos is a huge hit at our house because the kids not only get the nutrition they need but they get to eat with their hands and top off the tacos with their favorites like salsa, cheese or sour cream!
  • Make it Crunchy and Dip-able  – Kids love the crunch of nuggets so why not make it fish nuggets or fish sticks!  The kids will, again, love eating with their fingers and can dip in their favorite dipping sauce for fun!
  • Wrap-it-Up – Lunch can be made easier if you add fish wraps to the menu. Kids love whole wheat wraps and will love the delicious fish that you add to one of their old favorites.
  • Pair-It – If you have a picky eater that doesn’t like to try something new, try pairing the fish with something that is familiar. A side dish of mac-n-cheese or their favorite veggie can make a fish meal not seem so “out there.”