When people enjoy fresh fish, they don’t often realize that fish have seasons, too. Fish migrate depending on the season, climate, and temperature. For example, in New England, you won’t find striped bass during the winter. Let’s take a look at two of the most common fresh fish during this time of year.


During the winter, we often see fresh ocean perch coming from the auctions. Also known as Acadian Redfish, this ocean perch is a super popular species cut and processed during the colder seasons at Channel Fish. We love that ocean perch is in season all year long.


Commercial fishing boats docked in harbor


Bay Scallops are caught year-round, and they’re as fresh as can be this time of year. The day boats have large drags coming off the stern of the boat, and these drag along the ocean floor to pick up scallops. After the fishermen pick out the scallops from the drag and shuck them on board, we then buy the freshest and highest quality of scallops available.


Haddock is America’s white fish, and it’s common during the colder seasons. Day boats bring beautiful haddock to the docks, and we bring tons of haddock back to our processing plant in Braintree. We consider ourselves a haddock house due to the amount of haddock we’re always selling!


cut of fresh salmon


Among other fish and shellfish, these delicious species are in season during the winter time. There are always different seasons for different species. Although in season, there’s never any telling what will come off the day boats. Our fresh fish is always different in species, so be sure to call us to find out what we have available when you’re interested.


Packaged fish


Our fresh fish is healthy and always delicious. No matter the season, seafood has proven itself to be a favorite all year long for New Englanders. This is why business owners and managers offer fish and seafood products on their menus and in their organizations during all seasons. The health benefits of eating fish are truly worth it, and it helps when you’re getting your fresh fish from an amazing seafood source: Channel Fish Processing.


What are your favorite fresh species of fish? What species do you hope to see this season? Contact Channel Fish Processing to see what we picked up at the auction today! Reach us at (617) 464-3366.