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Within the fishing community, there’s a constant discussion as to which type of fishing is better: saltwater or freshwater. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of fishing. Different fisherman fish for different species in different situations. Let’s take a deeper look at the details of both types of fishing.

The fisherman’s choice regarding the type of fishing has to do with location. If you have always lived in a landlocked state, you probably grew up fishing freshwater, in ponds, lakes, and rivers. The mountainous scenery and fresh air makes for a great experience.

Fisherman who swear by the ocean probably grew up in a coastal town or city. Fishing the ocean comes with many rules and regulations, but the saltwater and opens ocean give you a feeling like no other.

When you break down the type of fishing and the logistics, most people prefer to fish in the ocean. Saltwater and freshwater species of fish differ greatly. The saltwater oceans are those in which many more species of fish reside. This variety makes it a game changer for some people. Most of the fish in saltwater oceans generally grow larger in size as compared to fish in freshwater ponds and lakes. A lot of commercial fisherman want larger fish, or only fish for species that happen to live in saltwater, which is why saltwater seems to be more popular.

Freshwater ponds and lakes offer a slightly more limiting fishing experience. Fisherman only have the size of the lake or pond, and can’t move around too much or go fast in the boat. There are usually a lot of other fisherman, and this can make it harder for you to be successful on your fishing day. Movement and sound greatly affect your luck on the waters, and you may find yourself with a smaller catch of the day.

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Oceans allow for fisherman travel and roam around to different locations. Fisherman can test their luck in different places, with plenty of species to go for.

Different gear is required for each type of fishing, including the reals, rods, and boats. The techniques and styles are also different, as each species of fish requires a different tactic to catch. Though there’s a lot that goes into each type of fishing, it’s understandable why both types are greatly loved by many.

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