At Channel Fish, we offer a wide variety of seafood products, fresh, frozen, and value added. As you know, we’ve moved to a new facility in Braintree. We’re working hard, and enjoying our new space immensely. With our wide range of service areas and high quality of fish, we’re the number one seafood source in the northeast region of Massachusetts. We love being able to maintain this relationship with our clients and consumers. Read about what’s popular this month at Channel Fish Processing.

Our Healthy, Whole Grain Breaded Line
All of our pre-cooked and raw breaded products are available at your request in a variety of breading profiles. Do you want to serve buffalo, lemon pepper, or sweet potato breaded seafood on your menu? Do you want to offer the baked and breaded delights without the unhealthy, heaviness of typical breaded products? Our breaded line is healthy with 0 trans fat, low sodium, and is Child Nutrition approved. Producing healthier fish is our goal at Channel Fish Processing. If you haven’t tried this awesome line, reach out to us today.

school whole grain products

Some of our products offer great convenience and can be perfect for your industry. If you work in educational facilities, correctional facilities, healthcare, retail, or restaurants, our products could really help you. This month, we’ve been selling our restaurant-ready seafood like crazy. These products are oven-ready and come in tons of shapes, styles, and flavors. From starters all the way to entrées and classics, these products have been satisfying the needs of restaurant owners, and healthcare and educational facilities. If you’re interested in more information, please call for available sizes and species.

detail of whole grain perch

Fresh off the Boat
Our fresh seafood is caught daily and taken right off the boat to be cut and processed at our Braintree facility. Call us and ask about our fresh-off-the-boat line of seafood products caught and produced daily. (617) 464-3366.

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