It’s summertime! That means it’s time to start entertaining outdoors around the grill. One of the most flavorful, protein-rich, and easiest foods to grill is fish. From salmon to cod, halibut and tilapia, fish can liven up any meal and bring your family and friends back for more. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is a grilling aficionado when it comes to fish. Fish fillets can quickly lose their moisture or get stuck to the metal grates. Here are our best tips for how to grill like a master and enjoy a delicious fish meal outdoors this summer. 

Dry rubbed cod

Choose The Best Fish For Grilling 

In the world of grilling over an open flame, not all fish are created equal. The key is to choose the best type of fish for grilling. According to AllRecipes online, “The best fish fillets or steaks for grilling are at least 1-inch thick. The fish should appear unblemished, the flesh firm, and the smell fresh and briny like the sea.”

Some of the best fish fillets for the grill include: halibut steak, tilapia, cod, salmon, red snapper, and swordfish. Choose a steak or fillet version of each of these when possible. 

fish grill

Best Practices When Grilling With Fish 

While most people tend to warm up their grill and place their meats on the metal without a thought about placement or sealing in moisture and flavor, fish takes a little more preparation to get the tasty results you desire. 

Here are a few tips to keep things organized on your grill and add flavor to your seafood. 

  • Clean the grill grates so that earlier grilled foods do not combine with the fish flavor. 
  • Designate an area of the grill as “fish only.” No one likes to eat other meats with a fishy flavor or vice versa. 
  • Keep the fish fillets or steaks from drying out over the open flame. Wrap the fish in aluminum foil or something more organic like grape leaves or cornhusks. 
  • Brush the fish fillets with oil or your choice of marinade to keep it moist while cooking. 
  • Flip your fish after approximately 10 minutes when on medium heat. You should see that the fish is flaky and cook about half way through. 
  • Use metal tongs coated with oil or a marinade to flip the fish fillets or steaks. 
  • Be sure to research what level of heat your fish should be grilled at. Some types of fish require medium heat while others do better under high heat. 
  • Season your fish on both sides before bringing it to the grill. 
  • Try not to move your fish on the grill until you are ready to flip it. 
  • Some grill masters find that using two spatulas to flip from either side helps the fish flip without flaking apart. 

Are you ready for grilling this summer? What are your best tricks for getting your fish tasting delicious? Leave us a comment below or find us on Facebook.