We are often asked what our favorite products are in our wide selection of healthy fish products including our frozen and fresh options. While it’s too challenging to pick one or two products that we love the most, we can say that many of our clients adore the assortment of breaded products we offer. 

From adults who love the ease of cooking our breaded products to the children who can’t get enough of the crunch of fish sticks or nuggets, these breaded fish products are wildly popular. 

Try some of them out on your own and let us know which are your favorites! 

Oven Ready Whole Grain

Whole Grain Fish Nuggets 

Who doesn’t love a nugget? A crispy fish nugget that is. 

Our fish nuggets are flavor-filled and crunchy, just like your kids like them. We won’t judge if the adults enjoy them as well. 

Our Whole Grain Fish Nuggets are a top seller for K-12 schools and can be in your home too! These deep-skinned domestic Pollack nuggets are filled with nutrients without sacrificing the incredible crunchy flavor that kids love. 

Our nuggets are oven-ready which makes them easy to cook and serve for the hungry bellies of your little ones. Put out some options for dipping sauce and you will have a family favorite in no time. 

Tilapia Breaded Fillets 

If you love the flavor of Tilapia and are looking for a quick meal idea for those nights that the kids have practice and work meetings have run long, this should be your go-to meal for your family. These oven-ready fillets are filled with flavor and juicy goodness with an added bonus of a crispy crunch to the outer layer. Yum! 

Our oven-ready Tilapia Fillets are available in various flavored breading styles, such as panko, tortilla, parmesan, and lime chipotle.

Encrusted, Garlic Butter Herb

Baked Haddock 

New Englanders love their Haddock and our Baked Haddock is some of the best around as well as easy to prepare for your family. Channel’s fresh New England Baked Haddock is gorgeously white, sweet, and firm.

While this option comes breaded or unbreaded, it happens to be a New England favorite in its breaded form! 

Turbo Crisp Fish Sliders 

Siders, mini burgers meant to be eaten in one or two bites, are usually considered to be made with ground beef. However, Channel Fish has its own version of sliders…except this time they are Turbo Crisp Fish Sliders. 

Our Fish Sliders are a perfect lunchtime meal or add some veggies or a salad to make it a well-balanced dinnertime favorite. The deep-fried crispiness can be quickly heated in the oven and served between two small buns to create the perfect hand-held, protein-packed slider! 

What’s your favorite breaded fish product? Let us know in the comments.