Keeping our oceans healthy is one of our top priorities as a responsible seafood provider. Sustainable seafood products is our promise to keep our local and nationwide fisheries sustainable for generations to come. In order to honor this promise, we work closely with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and are certified to help achieve our goals of providing quality sustainable seafood products. 

A recent report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has sparked some concern that oceans are becoming overfished and some species are in danger. To combat this, principles of sustainability must be followed. 

Fishing Boats in the harbor

What is Sustainability in Fishing? 

Before we take a look at our sustainability techniques, it is important that our readers understand what sustainable fishing really is and why it is so important for our ocean’s and the wildlife that live within them. 

According to the Marine Steward Council, sustainable fishing is based upon three main principles: sustainable fishing stocks, minimizing environmental impact, and effective fisheries management. 

Sustainability in Fishing Stock

This first principle embraces the idea that there will be enough fish left in the ocean to keep the population productive and healthy. The goal is for indefinite continuity of the fish population. 

At Channel Fish Processing we strictly follow the guidelines put forth by the MSC to catch or farm fish in a way that causes minimal environmental impacts including overfishing and fishing techniques that are known to damage ocean habitats. 

Minimizing Environmental Impact 

In order to minimize the impact on the delicate ecosystem in our oceans, fishing techniques must include steps such as: utilizing every pound of fish with no waste and utilizing farm raised techniques. 

To follow this principle Channel Fish avoids bycatch, which is the throwing of unwanted fish and other marine creatures such as turtles, sea birds, and dolphins back into the water injured or dead from catching techniques. 

Effective Fisheries Management

This principle determines how well the fishing operations are managed. The MSC certified fisheries are able to comply with local fishing laws and are able to quickly adapt to the changes that are needed as the environmental needs evolve. We are proud to be a MSC certified sustainable seafood provider. 

As a family owned and operated company, it is critical to us that our oceans be preserved for our children, and our children’s children, and for all generations to come. Our practices follow all the local and state guidelines to being a sustainable fishing partner in our ever changing oceans. 

For more information on our sustainability practices and our certifications regarding sustainability, check out our sustainability page on our website. 

For more information on the problems overfishing can cause for marine fauna and fish species, take a look at the IBERDROLA page online.