Preparing for a delicious fish meal for dinner is always fun. However, it can be difficult when the same sides are repeated and you’re looking for something new to go with your fresh fish. Here are a few side dishes to try on your next meal!

  • Potatoes – There is a reason why fish and chips are still a popular street food and loved by many worldwide. Potatoes can be prepared in  various ways and a perfect addition to add some extra carbs. For example, rosemary roasted peppers, potato salad, even mashed potatoes pair deliciously with halibut.
  • Steamed Veggies –Veggies are a must eat with fish, which is no surprise since they pair so well. Steaming is a great way to cook vegetables. Simply lock in the moisture while using less ingredients. With some sprinkled fresh herbs for flavor, fresh veggies like carrots, broccoli and bell peppers go great with various types of fish.
  • Brown Rice – This simple grain is such a versatile addition to any healthy dish. Including, yes, fish! Salmon goes great with white or brown rice, you can also pair it with grilled Tilapia for a well balanced meal.
  • Bean Salad – It is time to branch out from plain green salads. A bean salad is tasty and quick to make. It is also loaded with enough fiber and protein to go along with your fish. Bean Salad go great with Channel’s tilapia fillets on a pan. It’s an ideal dish for hot summer nights. Try placing the bean salad on top of the fish for all the ingredients and juices to deliciously combine.
  • Quinoa – Known as a superfood, quinoa is loaded with plenty of health benefits such as fiber, potassium, iron and B-vitamins. It is also a great superfood because it works well with all types of fish. Pair the quinoa in a salad with black beans or cucumber and enjoy!

Try new things with your fish. For example, serve up some plantains when making a citrus salmon. As members of the banana family, plantains are common in the Caribbean and Latin cooking and pair well with savory and sweet. When it is caramelized slightly, it complements the fish with its tangy kick from lemon or the lime.
Try these delicious side dishes with your favorite fish for a quick fabulous meal!