Just like fruits and veggies have certain seasons that they are the best for harvesting, fish species also have seasons! While some fish stay in the New England waters all season long, others only visit for a few short weeks before moving on to other locations. Waters across the globe are similar in their patterns of seasonal fish. This begs the questions about what fish are in season and when. Let’s review. 

Many factors influence the seasonality of fish and seafood. Seafood seasonality is not dependent on climatic seasons, instead it is the times when fish are at peak harvest and most abundant. In addition, availability of certain species can depend on weather conditions and overall consumption habits.

In Season All Year 

New England has many species of fish that are considered “in season” all year long. These include: Sea Scallops, Steamers, Oysters, Atlantic Cod, Haddock, Dabs, Atlantic Pollock, Hake, and Monkfish.  The abundance of these species makes them a great choice at almost any time of year. The fact that these species are readily available allows for them to be placed at a lower price point and allows for restaurants to offer them all year long. 

seafood grilling

Spring and Summer

Spring and summer offer peak grilling and seafood days! Who doesn’t love to get fresh fish and prepare a delicious meal with family and friends. Better yet, the meal will be healthy and flavorful. 

This time of year is an excellent time to take advantage of a meal using Swordfish, Mahi, Bluefish, Tuna, Flounder, Wild Salmon, Striped Bass, and Scup. Check out one of our earlier blogs with some great recipes for meals with these fish. 

salmon dish

Fall and Winter 

When the weather starts to get cooler and families are looking for warm comfort food that is nutritionally sound but still tasty, these fish species will fit the bill. Fall and winter season fish include: Grouper, Fluke, Black Sea Bass, and Bay Scallops

Most restaurants that have fish on the menu will tell their customers what is in season and what the current market price is depending upon the weather, availability, and competition of the product. Fresh fish is loved by so many. Learn a little more about fish seasonality around the globe and close to home in our New England waters by checking out this resource: Wicked Fish Seasons of New England Fish.

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