Have you heard of monkfish and wondered what it is? Monkfish is most commonly known as goosefish and is most common in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. This fish has many species including:

      American Goosefish

      Blackfin Goosefish

      Reticulate goosefish

      Lophius Piscatoris

      Lophius Budegassa

The two most common species in our region are Lophius Piscatoris and Lophius Budegassa. Their average sizes weigh at about 10 pounds.

Like the scallops mentioned last month, monkfish are typically in season year-round. They are a great source of both Vitamins B-6 and B-12, which are great source of aid for neurotransmitters and overall brain health. Although their appearance is completely different, Monkfish is known for its similar taste to lobster; it is just as sweet. Its texture is firm but chewy and has a full of oil.

Giving their taste and texture, there’s no denying that monkfish can make delicious meals. It is important to know that the monkfish tail is its best meat provider, so most of the monkfish you purchase is coming from this area. There are many ways to cook this fish whether it is baking, broiling, frying, grilling, poaching, or sautéing it. This is what makes creating monkfish dishes so easy and delicious.

Regardless of its great vitamin source and deliciousness, however, it is important to note that monkfish should be treated as a “treat” rather than an essential dietary need since it does contain some mercury.