Although the turkey has become an iconic Thanksgiving figure in popular culture, it is not a universally enjoyed dish. For those who eat a pescatarian diet, prefer fish, or just simply want to switch things up this year, keep reading for our suggestions on delicious fish based dishes to incorporate into your Thanksgiving feast. 


A photo of plated delicious scallops.


Key to keeping guests satisfied while they wait for the feast to begin, there are many ways to incorporate seafood into your planned appetizers. 

Seared Scallops: 

Quick and easy to prepare, as well as delicious, seared scallops are a fan favorite you can’t go wrong with. Whether you choose to wrap them in bacon, smother them in butter, or any other way to prepare them, they will be both popular and filling. 

Mini Seafood Pot Pies: 

What’s Thanksgiving without pie? If you’re ready and willing, you can both start and end your Thanksgiving feast with pie when you incorporate these delicious Mini Seafood Pot Pies. 


Sides are 50% of the Thanksgiving meal. They not only accompany the main course, but elevate it to a level reserved for the holiday season. 

Lobster/Seafood Mac & Cheese: 

A New England tried- and-true favorite, lobster mac and cheese is a comfort food and delicacy combined into one. There are many variations in the way of pasta type, cheese type, and what seafood you choose to include if not lobster. Either way you customize it, it’s sure to be one of the quickest to go come Thanksgiving. 

Oyster Stuffing: 

If you’re tired of traditionally prepared stuffing, try switching it up by incorporating oyster. Bringing a unique flavor and elevated delicacy, this oyster stuffing is not only delicious but also unique and will surely have everyone asking where you got the recipe from. 



The pièce de résistance, the main is the focal point of your feast, and therefore should pack a punch. Although this spot is traditionally reserved for Turkey, if you’re in the mood for seafood come the holiday, give these equally regal main courses a try. 


A bit on the pricier side, lobster can make an excellent main course if you are hosting a more intimate celebration or feel like splurging as a holiday treat. You can serve it boiled in its most natural form, or present lobster pie, lazy man’s lobster, etc. This seafood delicacy is both versatile and unique and will be a strong base for your Thanksgiving feast.  


Less regal than lobster, salmon is nevertheless a delicious and versatile fish that is popular with most. Its ability to be seasoned and served in countless ways means you can easily season with thyme and rosemary, similar to the way you would a turkey, to get the same ‘Thanksgiving essence.’ Or if you prefer to flavor it entirely differently, there are so many ways to prepare it and have it pair wonderfully with your side dishes. Not to mention, it’s a much healthier alternative to Turkey with all those omega-3 healthy fats. 


For those who prefer to keep it light rather than deal with the post-binge Thanksgiving bloat, selecting oysters as your main dish will not only add a sophistication to the meal, but be a salty and casual precursor to dessert. Oysters are one of the only acceptable finger foods on the table, besides the bread of course.