As New Englanders, we are lucky to live by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and reap all that it has to offer. At Channel Fish, sustainability is a key part of the way we do business, part of that includes appreciating the fish that are native to our home. Keep reading to learn a little more about the species that call our salty waters home. 

Atlantic Pollock 

Native to the North Atlantic ocean, the Atlantic Pollock mainly resides along the gulf of Maine. They can grow to more than three and a half feet long and over 35 pounds. They can also live up to 23 years old. 

Pollock is enjoyed in a variety of different recipes as it is a mild white fish. It is best served baked or sautéed alongside some delicious vegetables. 


 Did you know that haddock are actually a member of the cod family, they are just smaller in size? They can range in size from one foot to three feet and typically weigh anywhere from two to seven pounds. The average lifespan of haddock is around 10 years. They are native to the North Atlantic Ocean and can typically be found off of both the Gulf of Maine and Cape May, New Jersey.

Also a mild white fish, Haddock is traditionally smoked and used in rich dishes such as chowders, pies, and casseroles.  


Atlantic Cod are actually much larger than most people realize, growing over four feet long and being able to weigh up to 77 pounds. Similar to many native New England fish species, they can be found off the western Gulf of Maine all the way down to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. 

The fish traditionally used in fish and chips, cod is an absolute delight when fried. It has a mild flavor and dense, flaky flesh that many choose to accompany with more prominent flavors such as olives, coconut, almond, etc. 


Similar to clams and oysters, scallops are actually caught having two shells. The shells are held together via the adductor muscle, which is what most know to be on their plate. It is common practice on fishing boats to shuck the scallops at time of catching, allowing them to be distributed and sold in their ready to eat form. They can be found and fished all the way form the Mid-Atlantic coast to the US/Canada border. 

Scallops are a buttery and fresh delicacy in New England. They are traditionally prepared, seared and served alongside a complimentary side. 


Did you know that only farm-raised Atlantic salmon are found in the U.S. Seafood markets due to overfishing? Although native Atlantic Salmon are also found off of the Gulf of Maine, they are protected under the endangered species act. 

Salmon is a staple in many people’s diets. It is one of few foods rich in Omega-3’s and has a delightful fatty and salty taste. Able to be paired with almost anything, Salmon is commonly flavored with dill, mustard, lemon, and garlic.