The waters of the Northern Atlantic ocean holds an abundance of fish we use at Channel Fish Processing. Every species of fish is different, with its own unique qualities, taste, benefits, and uses.

What is Haddock? 

Haddock is a member of the cod family. This white fish boasts a mild flavor, firm flesh, and a flakey, moist, and tender texture. Some might not think there’s a difference between haddock and North Atlantic cod, but a true fish connoisseur will notice a slightly sweeter flavor in fresh haddock. High in omega-3, this fish is a perfect addition to a healthy diet.

Caught fresh in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and sourced daily from local fish markets, haddock is a staple fish used in many classic New England dishes. It can be the main ingredient, cooked and seasoned to perfection, or be part of a medley of other seafood flavors.

Haddock Fillets

Whether skin-on or skinless, our haddock fillets are a versatile ingredient. To ensure top quality and nutritional value, the haddock is taken straight from the market to our state-of-the-art processing facility. The resulting fillets are perfect for frying up in batter to create a savory fish-and-chips basket, ready to be served up in any restaurant. 

Looking for a healthier option? Haddock fillets are ideal cooked up in all sorts of other ways, including baked, poached, or used in a delicious fish stew or chowder. You could even go with our breaded haddock, which is oven-ready and comes in a variety of flavors, like garlic herb, Mediterranean, and parmesan.



Breaded Fish Sandwiches

It’s lunch time in your facility, and the cafeteria is looking to serve up a healthy and delicious hot sandwich. With haddock as an ingredient, you have great options for a classic New England fish sandwich among our products, already cut into perfect portions and breaded for extra flavor and crunch. These sandwiches are easy to cook and serve up in bulk. The fresh, mildly-sweet flavor and flakey texture provided by the haddock meat pairing to provide full stomachs and satisfied smiles.

Our fish sandwich portions are a lunchtime staple, coming in 3 oz, 4 oz, and 5 oz sizes. This ensures you can decide which option will fill up your guests, customers, students, or employees with little to no food waste. Our center-cut fish portions provide juicy, breaded patties that look great on a bun. If your diners have a preference for submarine rolls, use the breaded hoagie style portion to fill them out. Or if they’d prefer something more bite-sized, like our Turbo Crisp Fish Sliders. Excellent as an appetizer or a side, they’re quick, crispy, and provide a great source of protein despite its small size.

If your facility, school, or restaurant is looking to provide diners with tasty, healthy seafood options, we at Channel Fish provide the freshest locally-sourced fish available.