When I think about the summer months, I envision an outdoor patio, a warm breeze, and great friends to share a meal (and possibly a cocktail or two) with. After the past year of social distancing and staying at home, it sure will be nice to safely gather with friends and family and enjoy a summer night. Great friends, great food, and memories that we will cherish. At Channel Fish we know that our fish options can play a big role in pulling off a perfect meal even during the hottest days of the summer.

To get started on this dream, you will need some light and easy meals that can provide nourishment during your get togethers. Fresh fish is an awesome choice that can be prepared quickly and will be light enough to keep your summer figures in shape. 

Fresh Salmon Fillets

Keep It Easy & Cool

No one wants to turn the stove on during the heat of summer. Think about how fast your house will heat up! Therefore, we suggest taking your fish preparation and cooking outdoors. You won’t be sorry. 

Everyone loves fish on the grill and there are a ton of recipes that can keep your prep time down and make your meal easy as 1,2,3. Plus you’ll get the added bonus of enjoying the breezes and glorious sunsets.

Grilled fish with a unique salad is always a crowd pleaser during the dog days of summer. The cool crisp greens and veggies can complement the warm flaky fish fillet and make for a memorable meal. Check out some of the amazing fish and salad combinations at the Healthy Fish online. We especially like the avocado, spinach salad with shrimp! 

To make your meal prep even easier, create your salads before your guests arrive so you can spend more time visiting and less time chopping and mixing your salad items. 

salmon dish

Keep It Light

While the winter months make us crave comfort foods that tend to be heavy and high in calories, summer fare tends to be exactly the opposite. Fish is nutrient dense and relatively low in calories especially when cooking on the grill with minimal seasonings to bring out the true taste of the chosen fish. 

Add your favorite veggies and starch as a side to complete the meal. We love the idea of roasting your veggies in advance and having your brown rice ready to go after you grill up some heart healthy and delicious fish. This recipe from Cooking Light for fish and fire roasted veggies is a fan favorite and can have your guests raving about the food and the company. 

This summer promises to be much better than last as we can finally start meeting with friends and family after a long year of being apart. Enjoy a meal and connect yet again with the people that mean the most to you. Make fish part of your celebration and let us know what recipe you choose!