Warm summer nights are right around the corner, and that means grilling outside while enjoying healthy, light seafood fare! Grilling fish outdoors usually means a quicker than normal clean up and the scrumptious taste of your favorite fish dish with grilled veggies too. 

There are so many options when considering summer seafood dishes. We would love to hear from our readers about your favorite summer seafood dishes and what sides you like to pair with those. We encourage you to share on our Facebook page or in the comments below and join us in sharing your special seafood dishes this season. 

fish meal

Grilled Fish over a Bed of Salad

One of our most favorite easy and light summer dishes is a cool, crisp salad with a piece of your favorite grilled fish on top. While we especially love marinated fresh salmon off the grill, you can choose whatever fish you love the most that will hold up well in fillet form on an outdoor grill. Some choose haddock, cod, or trout, but you choose the flavor and hardiness you like the most. 

Buy a few of the Channel Fish processing retail ready options including: Cod, Haddock, Breaded Haddock, Salmon, Pollock, Perch, Tilapia, Bay Scallops, Sea Scallops, and Sole. You may want to marinade your fillet pieces in your favorite sauce such as orange tangerine, teriyaki, lemon zing, or any of your homemade choices. 

Once you have grilled the fillet to your liking, you will want to have a bed of salad prepared to place it on for you and your family. Choose the salad type of your choosing from chopped salads, to caesar, or maybe a regular garden salad. Be sure to choose your salad dressing carefully as the marinade you use on the fish may conflict with your salad dressing. 

fish kabobsFish Kabobs 

Another easy dish to make on the grill is a fish kabob. Again choose your favorite type of fish or maybe shrimp for a change of pace. Cut up your veggies into cubes or small chunks. Do the same for your fish pieces. You may choose to brush on a marinade or let it soak for an hour or two before you plan to put it on the grill. 

While salmon and shrimp are always a crowd pleaser when it comes to kabobs, do whatever fish fillet you like. Place the fish and veggies on the skewers prior to placing on the grill. If you have chosen not to marinade prior to grilling you may want to brush on a little butter or garlic to add to the flavor. 

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