Do you find yourself making the same 5-10 meals over and over again each evening? Do the same-old, same old dishes annoy your family? Well, if you love a crunch to your meal, then air frying your fish may be the solution to your meal rotation slump! 

Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of air frying your fish and a few tips that can help your meal rotation go from ho-hum to “most favorite meal” status. 

air fryer

What Is Air Frying? 

According to Eating Well online, air frying “allows us to make crispy foods that taste similar to the deep-fried version, but without all of the extra oil.” 

They go on to explain that an air fryer is unique in that it is basically a hybrid between a deep fryer and a convection oven. The air fryer contains a fry basket which allows food to be suspended and accessible to heat from all sides. However, instead of being placed in hot oil, the food is exposed to very hot, circulating air – similar to the convection oven. (Source: Eating Well) 

Fried Fish Vs Air Fried Fish 

Lots of people love fried fish, especially during the summer months when they can splurge on fried fish, scallops, or clams. Others use it as a staple during the weeks when many Christians celebrate Lent. 

Unfortunately, many of the health benefits of fish, including the heart, cognitive, vision, mood, and sleep benefits, get off-set when fish is deep fried in oil or other ingredients. Sure it may taste great but the amount of fried batter could be unhealthy for your diet if eaten too often. 

Additionally, eating or preparing fried fish in oil can be extremely messy unless you head to your local clam shack. 

Air frying your fish, however, allows for all those great health benefits without adding the oil! The kitchen mess is kept to a minimum because the air fryer is all contained in one piece of equipment that can sit on your counter. 

Add to that the fact that no oil, but rather air, is used to fry your fish and make it crunchy and delicious and you have a true recipe for meal-time success. 

Oven Ready, Corn Meal

How To Air Fry Your Favorite Fish 

Choose your favorite fish fillet and decide on what type of crush you want during your meal. 

Do you want something spicy and tangy? Then do a coat of low fat butter then roll in spices that will be sure to light your tongue on fire. Cajun spices are our favorites. 

If you want something more traditional, choose Italian breadcrumbs to coat your fish filet and then set out an assortment of dipping sauces for your family to choose from. 

Pair these options with a side of whole grain rice and veggie and you have a well balanced meal for your fall meal rotation!