Spring is here and I think we could all use a little pick-me-up that will bring something different, yet tasty to our dinner tables. Here at Channel Fish Processing, we know that it can get exhausting cooking the same meals over and over again. That’s why we love spring and getting out to grill your favorite fish outside. 

When it comes to ease of cooking, grilling is the way to go, especially if you don’t want to heat up the house with the stovetop or oven. Grilling gets you outside and allows for a different method of serving a tasty and healthy meal. 

According to Kitchn online, “When choosing a fish for grilling it’s important to consider how firm or sturdy it is. Delicate fish like sole, tilapia, or flounder don’t fare so well on the open flame. They’re more likely to become flakey, break apart or fall through the grates. It’s best to choose a firm, hearty fish, like one of our favorites below!” 

fish on grillBest Fish For Grilling 

Some fish fare better on the grill than others. Here are a few types that you may want to choose from that will do best on an open flame and stay intact on the grate. 

Swordfish is a mild-tasting, firm, meaty fish that holds up great on the grill. You’ll find this fish sold as steaks. That means you can cook it whole or cut it up and skewer it. Add it as a kabob with veggies and you have an entire meal on a stick. 

Salmon is always a great choice when grilling because you can cook it as a steak or a fillet. It can be marinated with your favorite rub or grilled as is. It will maintain its flavor and heartiness even after being on the grill. Add some whole grains and green leafy veggies to balance out the meal. 

pouring clambake

Tuna is like the steak of the seafood world. It is easy to sear and can be cooked on a cedar plank for a truly distinct taste. Add a side salad and some steamed veggies and your meal is complete. 

Mahi mahi, also known as dorado or dolphinfish (not to be confused with the dolphin), is a flavorful white fish. It has a firm texture that makes it wonderful for grilling.

What fish do you like to grill? Tell us in the comments or check out our Facebook page with more cooking ideas.