Now that the calendar has turned to the short and sweet month of February, many couples start thinking about a special evening with their “better half.” Valentine’s Day is coming up fast this year and options for dining out and going somewhere special are dwindling given the state of the country right now. A candlelight seafood dinner may be just the thing for your love this year. 

We may be tremendously biased as a fish processing company, but a well-planned and executed seafood dinner at home can be just the romantic gesture your partner may enjoy. Here are some ideas for how to plan your scrumptious seafood meal for this Valentine’s Day. 

Seafood Starters

If you are looking for a playful appetizer to start your evening off with a bit of romance, raw oysters may be the way to go. These natural aphrodisiacs will kick start your dinner for two and set the tone for a night of decadence. 

Try your oysters as raw “vodka shooters” or fried up in a crispy fritter. Check out these delicious recipes on Spruce Eats and get started on your romantic evening. 

salmon meal

Main Dish 

Once you have had your fill of a starter course of oysters, you will want to move on to the main meal where you can wow your partner with your culinary prowess. (Honestly, we have chosen some of the easier dishes so you can impress them without all the work.) 

Shrimp Scampi is a relatively easy dish to make and looks spectacular displayed on a dinner plate. You can really turn up the heat by adding your own spices to this fresh or frozen fare. Add your own cream sauce like alfredo or marinara to add some delicious taste to this simple dish. 

If shrimp isn’t your thing and you like the flaky goodness of a fillet of salmon, you could grill some and add a glaze of teriyaki or orange sauce to it, then lay it over a bed of rice or veggies. Check out The View From Great Island’s recipe for salmon. 

ice cream


While we may love fish, we also love dessert just as much. If you turned up the heat with spices or a glaze on your fish meal, you may want to cool it down with a mouth-watering dessert of ice cream or chocolatey goodness. Here are a few ideas that take only fifteen minutes to prepare. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to your and your beloved. Remember that, even though the pandemic may be putting a cramp in your style this February 14th, you can still cook up a frenzy and impress your love!