Looking for a spicy “kick” for your next meal? For some fish lovers, a mild flavored fish may be synonymous to a ho-hum, boring meal. If you are a foodie who loves some spice in your meals, continue reading about some great seasonings that you may want to add to your next meal as well as a great seasoning recipe for your next fish dish. 

spice jars

A Word About Spices

Before you start adding all the fiery spices you can find to your next fish fillet, it is time to have a quick chat about spices that have been hanging out in your cabinet or on your spice rack. According to Bon Appetit, spices do go bad after a certain amount of time contrary to popular belief. They recommend throwing away ground spices after three months, and whole spices after 10 months. Label each jar with the date of purchase and get rid of your ground spices after about a year.

Mixing Your Spices 

Many chefs adhere to a strict regime of mixing spices up to an hour before using them on fish. This allows your spices to meld together. Be sure you realize that some spices like paprika and chili flakes tend to be very strong and may overwhelm your mix. Try to balance your spice mixes through trial and error. Blend more moderate spices like cumin and turmeric alongside stronger spices. 

seasoned salmon with lime and squash
seasoned salmon with lime and squash

Spicy Recipe Options 

If you like spicy fish tacos, Cajun fish fillets, blackened Salmon, or a tangy seasoning to rub on your fish kabobs, we have a few ideas for your next meal. 

Whether grilling or baking, Dianne’s Fish Seasoning recipes from allrecipes online can help you make the perfect low fat, high protein meal with just the right amount of seasoning to make your dish have a kick! 

Happy Food Tube also offers a wide variety of seasoning for grilled, baked, or pan roasted fish meals. You can make your own fish seasoning with six simple ingredients in less than one minute! 

Fine Cooking offers some spicing options that include garlic and lemon butter. Turn up the spice even further by making Spanish rice for your side or a mixture of spicy veggies! 

Remember, no matter the level of spicy heat you like on your fillet, a meal that includes fish has omega-3 fatty acids that can help your heart, muscles, joints, and cognitive ability. You just can’t go wrong! 

Need more ideas or easy to make fish fillets? Check out our retail ready fish options online.