The weather outside may not show it, but we are getting closer and closer to spring! This means the sun sets later every day, the temperature slowly improves, and we can start grilling on the deck again. Mmmmm fish on the grill!

We look forward to this growing season not just because we get more opportunities to get outside and cook, but we can put aside some of those heavier, comfort foods that we often associate with winter, like clam chowder, chili, and soups. 

Now is a time to choose lighter fares like grilled fish, salads, and finger foods that are easy for on-the-go family members. 

Mini SlidersEverything Is Better On A Stick 

There is no doubt that spring brings on a whole new lease on life and opens up doors to different foods and how to present them. 

Seems like everyone likes food when it is on a stick. Corn Dogs. Steak. Kabobs. 

Shrimp or scallops on a stick is a great way to kick off spring and make eating your seafood meal a little more fun. Check out these Firecracker Shrimp Skewers from Kitchn online. If you like a little kick to your meals, this just might be the right choice to marinade your fish or shrimp. 

Light & Fresh 

If eating light is more your thing for the spring months, we have a few ideas for you to whip up some salads topped with scallops, lightly marinated fish pieces, or honey and garlic drizzled fish filets on a bed of greens. 

For a light and tangy salad with fish as your main protein, we love this Paprika Grilled Salmon Spring Salad from Salt and Wind. This recipe is fast and easy, taking only thirty minutes and can be served as a side dish or a main dish for lunch or dinner. 

Breaded Perch FilletsFor Pasta Lovers 

If you’re trying to eat healthy, but also love your pasta, we have a few combinations that are sure to please. 

Pan Seared Lemon Tilapia with Parmesan Pasta from All Recipes online is a crusty tilapia recipe served with a cheesy but light pasta. It takes less than thirty minutes to prep and cook and will satisfy your pasta craving and allow you to have a full serving of protein packed yummy tilapia. 

For our garlic lovers (because there is no such thing as too much garlic) try this Creamy Lemon Garlic Seafood meal from The Recipe Critic online. This is a “must try” recipe that takes minimal time to prepare and will satisfy your garlic yen. 

What are your favorite spring fish meals? We would love to share them with our readers! Let us know below or on our Facebook page.