Valentine’s Day has rolled around once again and many couples are choosing to head to a fancy restaurant to celebrate the occasion. Want to sweep your Valentine off their feet with a sumptuous meal made with delicious and flavorful seafood? We have a few ideas on how to make quite the impression whether you and your partner have been together for many years or are just starting out. 

Set The Mood 

If you are trying to set a seductive and tantalizing mood for your Valentine’s Day dinner, the obvious choice in the seafood category would be serving oysters. 

For those trying to strike a romantic mood, we have a few ideas for you. Start by choosing her favorite fish variety. For some that would be Tilapia, while for others it would be Salmon or Halibut. 

Since fish tends to cook quickly, we suggest setting the table with your best dishes, dimming the overhead lights, lighting some scented candles, and finally, putting on some romantic music that will allow for good conversation. 

Shrimp and lemon smothered in butter cooking in cast iron pan.

Choose Your Meal 

A Valentine’s Day meal should include an appetizer, a main course, and a little something extra sweet for this special day. 

Start with a shrimp cocktail or this shrimp ceviche appetizer from Sizzle Fish to whet your appetites. This chopped shrimp dish takes mere minutes to cook and assemble and will look so sophisticated in a martini glass or other uniquely shaped glassware. 

For your main dish, think about going either spicy or creamy. This fairly healthy and light steamed halibut seasoned with paprika and garlic powder will be just the kick you are looking for should you choose the spicy route. 

If creamy and savory is more your style considered this creamy garlic buttle Tuscan Salmon may have you making it a part of your regular meal routine. 

Place Settings 

Now that you have your appetizer and main course, make sure your dining table or fireside nook is set for the evening. Don’t forget to include red roses or a favored flower! 

Find delight in the crispy crackle of hot bread to sop up the sauce. Add a touch of flavor with warm cinnamon butter to satisfy your eager sweet tooth before you enjoy your beautifully crafted seafood.

Having trouble choosing a style of fish? Check out our products, both fresh and frozen in the retail section that will get your creative juices flowing and get ready to enjoy a romantic seafood meal with your soulmate.