If you are like most of us this year, you’re anxious to get outside and start grilling this summer season. Since many of us have been isolated this pandemic year and spending lots of time indoors, it is about time we get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and add in some delicious summer seafood dishes as a bonus. 

In order to become a master at grilling fish in your outdoor kitchen, you will need a few things to get going: Channel Fish Seafood products, great weather, and some tricks of the trade of how to successfully grill with fish. 

cedar plank grilling

Tips to Cook Fish On Your Grill 

We might be biased, but starting with Channel Fish products such as our skinless Haddock fillets, hand-cut Cod fillets, or our fresh scallops is a step in the right direction to creating a seafood dinner that is sure to please your whole family.  

  • Prep your seafood by rinsing it with cool water. 
  • Remove extra water by wrapping in a paper towel. 
  • For even cooking, make cuts every three inches in your fillet. This is most important if you are grilling a whole fish. 
  • Brush both sides with your favorite oil. Then season to your liking. 
  • Prep your grill by heating it up for 15 minutes and then cleaning the grill surface by scrubbing briefly with a grill brush. 
  • Coat your grill with oil to reduce any sticking when your fish is done grilling. 
  • Grill your fillets skin side down and place the fish diagonally on the grill to produce those beautiful grill lines as well as to keep your fish from falling through the grill openings. 
  • Flip your fish after 3-7 minutes. 
  • Marinade as desired until your fish looks flakey or you check the fillet for doneness with an internal thermometer. 

scallop and egg salad

Grilled Scallops & Salmon Recipes 

According to Food52 online, “the best grilled scallops are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.” This crisp yet tender grilling makes scallops absolutely scrumptious on top of your favorite salad, pasta dish, or alongside your side dish options. 

For salad lovers who need that protein boost as you can find in scallops, check out some of these easy and light recipes for scallops this grilling season. 

Special Scallop Special by Taste of Home is quick, easy, and light. Grill up some scallops and each family member can decide what dressing and veggies to put in their summer salad bowl. 

Salmon & Spud Salad by Taste of Home is a smart choice for those trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and still have meals packed with flavor. With a prep time of only 30 minutes, this grilled meal is the perfect combination of veggies, potatoes, and marinated salmon. 

If you are looking for that smokey flavor on your grill, try this Grilled Cedar Salmon Plank by Simple Bites. This recipe can substitute out the salmon for shrimp, tailapi, or even tuna steaks if that is your fish of choice! 

Visit us throughout the spring and summer as we provide more recipes and ideas to fire up your grill this season and enjoy some summer seafood dishes.