Haddock and Cod are two of the most popular of the white fish. Everyone loves these favorites, especially during the summertime, and cooked in so many different ways. We’re going to break down the similarities and differences between the top two species of America’s favorite white fish.

These two fishes are very similar, as it’s hard to tell them apart- especially when skinned. Both are cold water fish, found mostly in the deep cold waters off the North Atlantic coast. They both offer a lean, white meat that’s often interchangeable throughout recipes that call for white fish. Both are great for baking casseroles. Eating white fish has extremely positive health benefits. Both Cod and Haddock have distinguishable differences when you break it down.

Cod is generally larger than haddock. The Cod fish has speckled brown and green skin with a white stripe from head to tail. Cod is thicker, firmer, and more mild in flavor. Thick cod slabs are great for broiling, baking, and pan searing.

You must always oil cod fish before cooking, if not Cod meat gets dry in intense heat and doesn’t cook well. Most people enjoy cod broiled as the most popular way of consumption, and it’s delicious paired with rice and veggies.

Haddock is generally smaller than Cod. For color, the haddock is black and grey with a black line running from head to tail. Fillets of haddock are usually thinner, not as thick as the Cod fillets. Haddock is softer, and has more fragile meat than Cod. Haddock meat is stronger in fish flavor than Cod.

Common ways in which people prepare haddock are breaded, pan fried, battered and deep fried. Everyone loves fish and chips— and haddock is usually used when frying because of the smaller fillets and the stronger flavor.

A lot of restaurants use Cod and Haddock interchangeably because they’re so similar, places that do this especially are fried seafood places. Next time you visit Cape Cod or the North Shore of New England during the summertime, be sure to get yourself some fish and chips and enjoy the delicious Cod or flavorful haddock. What’s your favorite white fish? We guarantee Channel Fish carries your favorite! 

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